6 December 2018

Peacock in my yard .  .  .  

Acrylics, paper and gold leaf on water colour paper.
Framed. For sale at Flying Pig Precinct Gallery, Berry

29 November 2018

Coalcliff at night

and if you are wondering . . .  the bits of gold leaf are lights on Bald Hill, 
must have been cars when i think about it as no houses there!

Say no more . . . except
this is my last sale of 2018

other work will be at Flying Pig Precinct Gallery, Berry NSW
or please feel free to contact me, see website antheastead.com.au for contact details.

26 November 2018

2 crows 
(without their legs!)

ok ok its not finished but I am in a hurry

23 November 2018

20 November 2018

glittering peacock . . .
hangs around my back fence
just showing off I suspect

19 November 2018

bad day  . . .
one should always stare at a lyrebird for relief

15 November 2018

Feed the birds . . .

long ago and far away, 
settle down little ones & let me tell you a story. . . .
I once saw a lady feeding a cockatoo in her yard
ah different time perhaps, people HAD time, and front and backyards too!
I know, right!

13 November 2018

11 November 2018

Busy town
Acrylics & gold leaf. 
20 x 20cm. Framed 25 x 25cm. 
For sale Flying Pig Precinct, Berry, NSW

7 November 2018

Coalcliff II . . .

no no no, I haven't stopped the crows, peacocks & lyrebirds,
that would be ridiculous! 
Doing a series of northern gong, everybody relax.

5 November 2018

So . . . lyrebird in yard  III

Ok ok, that could be it with the Lyrebird.
got to explore all alternatives, surely

3 November 2018

Lyrebird in yard 

acrylics, paper & gold leaf on water colour paper
20cm x 20cm

31 October 2018

following on from my wild wombarra series . . 

Lyrebird in my yard II . . .
Acrylics, paper & gold leaf on water colour paper, 20 x20cm

29 October 2018

My currawong . . .

So can you spot the currawong?
it's a bit dark in this picture. . . oh the mystique

28 October 2018

View from Headlands - Little Austi at night
Paper & acrylics on water colour paper
(44 x18 cm)
my favourite this month

18 October 2018

'Wild Wombarra' . . .
Well yes dear reader I have gone wild myself here haven't I!
Make of it what you will. 

It will be in the 'Locals on Board' Exhibition 
at Wollongong Art Gallery, Nov 3rd - Feb 2019 

8 October 2018

Another for Scarborough Art Show . . .

Still working on it, nothing like last minute!

7 October 2018

Stanwell Park. . . 
obviously in winter re that smoke and those bare trees

It will be on sale at Scarborough Art Show 2018
Scarborough NSW for those who live close enough. 
I guess the Ukraine is a wee bit too far to travel!

6 September 2018

three wise hipsters . . . 

Ok cards now available on etsy with free shipping! 


20 August 2018

Ok its there . . . 
like you care dear reader. . . 
but that piece has nearly killed me!!! 

16 August 2018

My Wombarra aka Are We There yet?
OMG!!!!!! This is not finished yet. 

It is turning into the test of will power and perseverance.
So many tiny pieces. ahhh its around 750mm x 550mm.
I am wondering if I will ever finish it.
It feels like one of those gigantic puzzles that people take a lifetime to do, piece by piece by piece.

I feel a big painting coming on to counteract this. Oh the pain!

6 August 2018

ye olde Wombarra . . . 
a very small section of a much larger piece
just for me.

19 June 2018

Illustrators Australia's 
SHOUT exhibition . . . 

my entry 
'One does not shout'

Image by the super talented Tonia Composto

IA's much loved homage to the Heidelberg School's famous paintings on little wooden cigar boxes is on again!
Opening night  6pm Friday 13 July 2018
Exhibition runs 
13 - 26 July 2018

Collingwood Gallery

24 May 2018

'Lily in the garden' 
Redpoint Gallery's exhibition - A Touch of red 
currently showing at Wollongong Gallery

1st prize winner
Woo hoo! Gobsmacked. 
So thankful to all involved.

29 April 2018

Home on the escarpment . . .

Makers Market
Wollongong Uni 
May 5th

22 April 2018

Kneeling woman . . . 

will be at Wollongong Makers Market May 5th

20 April 2018

Currawong sunset

For sale at Flying Pig Precinct Gallery, Berry, NSW

18 April 2018

Wombarra . . .
so much fun!

For sale at Flying Pig Precinct Gallery, 
Berry , NSW

Scarborough . . . 
one in a series of our coastline

For sale at Flying Pig Precinct Gallery, 
Berry, NSW

7 April 2018

The house is on fire . . .

Yes I am still on my crow series.
This will be on sale at The makers Market,
Wollongong Uni May 5th

19 March 2018

Ok I am now on Etsy . . .
by popular demand 
well ok not that popular but by my demand
go check it out at