20 August 2018

Ok its there . . . 
like you care dear reader. . . 
but that piece has nearly killed me!!! 

16 August 2018

My Wombarra/Scarborough
OMG!!!!!! This is not finished yet. 

It is turning into the test of will power and perseverance.
So many tiny pieces. ahhh its around 750mm x 550mm.
I am wondering if I will ever finish it.
It feels like one of those gigantic puzzles that people take a lifetime to do, piece by piece by piece.

I feel a big painting coming on to counteract this. Oh the pain!

6 August 2018

ye olde Wombarra . . . 
a very small section of a much larger piece
just for me.

19 June 2018

Illustrators Australia's 
SHOUT exhibition . . . 

my entry 
'One does not shout'

Image by the super talented Tonia Composto

IA's much loved homage to the Heidelberg School's famous paintings on little wooden cigar boxes is on again!
Opening night  6pm Friday 13 July 2018
Exhibition runs 
13 - 26 July 2018

Collingwood Gallery

24 May 2018

'Lily in the garden' 
Redpoint Gallery's exhibition - A Touch of red 
currently showing at Wollongong Gallery

1st prize winner
Woo hoo! Gobsmacked. 
So thankful to all involved.

29 April 2018

Home on the escarpment . . .

Makers Market
Wollongong Uni 
May 5th

22 April 2018

Kneeling woman . . . 

will be at Wollongong Makers Market May 5th

20 April 2018

Currawong sunset

For sale at Flying Pig Precinct Gallery, Berry, NSW

18 April 2018

Wombarra . . .
so much fun!

For sale at Flying Pig Precinct Gallery, 
Berry , NSW

Scarborough . . . 
one in a series of our coastline

For sale at Flying Pig Precinct Gallery, 
Berry, NSW

7 April 2018

The house is on fire . . .

Yes I am still on my crow series.
This will be on sale at The makers Market,
Wollongong Uni May 5th

19 March 2018

Ok I am now on Etsy . . .
by popular demand 
well ok not that popular but by my demand
go check it out at

23 November 2017

17 November 2017

can you go too far with the bird? 
does it look like I care . . . nope.

11 November 2017

the festival of the bird continues!
be afraid, be very afraid. . .

10 November 2017

the bird lady continues. . .
going to Innovation centre for Makers Market
if you are interested

7 November 2017

I think this is my new logo as 
I am now known as . . . 
the bird lady 
that could mean a lot of different things really.

6 November 2017

yes I need to curl up and probably stop . . .
fat chance!

5 November 2017

I hear you say . . .
 not the bird!
too bad it's the bird!!!!

25 October 2017

Here kitty kitty . . . 
these will all soon be at Makers Market Wollongong Uni
yes they are round, 
I wonder what that could be!

24 October 2017

definitely a cat on a hot tin roof . . . 
coming to somewhere near you soon,
well I do dream!

25 September 2017

Crow & me . . . 
well sometimes they DO look that big!
will be on sale Scarborough Art show, NSW  Oct 7th-8th

17 September 2017

who doesn't love a crow . . .
yep they are all still copyright AS 2017.

24 August 2017

25 July 2017

She will be on sale along with others at Wollongong Art Gallery market 
this saturday 29th July. Secretly hoping she doesn't sell, she's pleading with me!

Also a bunch of paintings and illustrations are in the foyer of the Red Cross building 
in Market St, Wollongong if you are in the mood to give blood and take a peak. 
Theres something in that . . . bleeding for your art, bleeding heart, 
ummm blood sweat and tears, ummm I could go on. . . 

16 July 2017

Port Kembla

yes my very sanitised Port kembla 
but from the right view ...